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Relx Pods - Watermelon Mint

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Pods - Ludou Ice

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Pods - Blueberry

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Pods - Lemon Tea

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Pods - Mango

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Pods - Fruit

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Pods - Frozen Coke

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Pods - Mint

$29.98 $34.98

Relx Starter Kit - Classic Black

$69.98 $79.98

Relx Starter Kit - Sweet Pink

$69.98 $79.98

Juul Compatible Pod - Multipack


Juul Compatible Pod - Pink Lemonade


Juul Compatible Pod - Watermelon


Juul Compatible Pod - Silky Strawberry


Juul Compatible Pod - Citrus Burst


Juul Compatible Pod - Caff Latte


Juul Compatible Pod - Pomegranate



VapePenZone assumes that all customers have obtained a prescription for nicotine from a registered Australian medical practitioner before importing our products for personal use under the Personal Importation Scheme.
At VapePenZone we do not make any therapeutic claims regarding our products. Our products are sold purely for recreational purposes – they are not a smoking cessation product and have not been tested as such. Our products supplement a lifestyle.
VapePenZone products are not for re-sale. The sale and supply of nicotine is illegal within Australia. Nicotine is an addictive chemical and is listed as a Schedule 7 poison.
WARNING: Our products are to be used only by persons 18 year of age or older. They are not intended for women who are pregnant or breast feeding, or persons with or at risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, or taking medication for depression or asthma. Our products contains Nicotine, a chemical known to the state of California (USA) to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.
VapePenZone customers may order up to a 3 months’ supply of pods per order. Total quantity of orders must not exceed a 15 month supply within a 12 month period.
We recommend orders are kept to total value (excluding shipping) of less than $1000 AUD to avoid customs duty and GST expenses.
VapePenZone strongly advises that all Australian residents check their local state legislation regarding the use of electronic cigarettes in their state of residence. The information provided here cannot be considered as binding legal advice.
All prices on this website are in Australian dollars and inclusive of GST.

Blog posts

Let’s Share Your Flavor Reviews of Relx Pods!

As I mentioned in my last blog post, it's hard to pick a favorite juice flavor. >>* Picking Your Device Isn't the Hardest Part But Is......  

So today we're going to try a few flavors and share our feelings with you, hoping to give you some help when you're having trouble choosing a flavor. Here we go!

Picking Your Device Isn't the Hardest Part, But Is......

If talking about E-juice,

seriously, many I have forked out good money for (and I have quite a collection from various vendors) is down-right revolting and tastes *nothing* like it's delicious sounding profile.

Or even if I make my own juice from a DIY menu Shared online, sometimes I still might not be satisfied with the flavor. 

I've vaped certain flavors with a set profile mentioned...alas.... a totally different taste to which was mentioned on the bottle or package...

Do You Spend More Money on Vaping Than Used to on Cigarettes?

Some people here I'm sure they are happy to spend more money on vaping than they used to spend on cigarettes. But vaping is not supposed to be expensive and it doesn't have to be either!

DIY Your Own E-juice in 5 Steps

Today we're gonna learn how to make our own e-liquid.

Find a highly-rated recipe online - Buy the necessary materials  - Calculate the recipe - Measure our ingredients using the scale that we purchased - Shake the solution very very well

What Happened to Frank After He Used a Vape Pen?

Today I would like to introduce my good friend Frank! He has been a smoker for 47 years. He took up a vape pen five years ago, and guess what?

The Strongest Vape Ever is......

Today we're gonna check out the strongest pod system I've ever vape done before.

I'm not kidding you on, the device is called the Relx Alpha pod system. And these actually feel like some pretty high-end pod systems, and they have something pretty interesting going on inside the pod that we're gonna talk about later in the article. 

100th Day I Started Vaping: Will Never Go Back!

So this happened today! 

I sincerely recommend e-cigarettes, not only will your health improve but you save a shitload of cash, keep it up if you need any help or advice with vaping just ask!

Hiking Wtih a Vape Pen! Who Here Has Done It?

I plan to do a 2 or 3 days hike on the Great Ocean Walk (Great Ocean Road).

How to do a two to three-day hike with juice and batteries and charging my vapes? I am also concerned about weight (juices, vapes, and battery packs)

Any tips?

How FEELM Technology in RELX Change Your Vaping Style?

Today we're gonna check out the special FEELM Technology in Relx Starter Kit.

I think it's a fairly new kit with a FEELM Technology, it'll be interesting to see if there are more and more devices that come out with it, I believe I'm going to continue to use the Relx.

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