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Buy Juul Vaping :Must Master Knowledges In Australia

By Vapepenzone Team July 06, 2020 0 comments

Juul is the popular E-Cig brand in Australia even around the world. As a vaper, if you know more knowledge about it, you will have a better vaping experience. In this blog, we will cover:

・How to clean Juul vape pen?

・How to adjust and connect Juul compatible pods in Australia?

・How to deal with the Juul compatible pod leakage?

・How to refill Juul pod?

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How To Clean Juul Vape Pen?


how to clean Juul vape pen?

In this part, it will show you how to disassemble, clean and fix your Juul vape device by yourself. However, to be honest, if your device has problems, we suggest you call your Juul supplier because your professional supplier will give more professional ways to solve your problem. Besides, Juul starter kit belongs to precision electronic equipment. If you disassemble without professional guidance, you will probably damage your Juul. So this blog is just for your reference. Now let us begin.

Firstly, hold your Juul vaping pen in your hand and then remove its pod. At this time, you will find out that the LED is not active unless there is a pot installed there. Now let us move to the bottom of the Juul device, where is the charger or the contacts for the charger are located at. In the base, there is one common issue that is no one cleans these so make sure you do keep these clean otherwise you may run into charging issues with the Juul itself. Alright, the outside of the vaping pen is finished. Let us move to the internal gut of the Juul.

For the internal gut, you need to use something such as scissors or knife, that you can go to apply pressure to the bottom of this to push the internals of the Juul out through the top. And then you can get the whole internal gut of your Juul vape. At this time, you will find out that your starter kit becomes two parts, hollow part and the internal gut. 

At the head of your internal gut, you will see the valve. When you inhale, these valves will be activated and allow the Juul vape to fire. Now in this valve, there is a common issue that this can get gunked-up with E-juice. When you use your Juul vape pen, there is a bit of juice buildup on the device so you need to clean it.

To clean the valve, you need to remove the rubber seal. by removing this we can clean this up and for this rubber make sure you use an alcohol-based cleaner, not going to want to use soap and water.

Now let us move to the two prongs at the head of the Juul vaping pen. When you touch these two prongs, you will see these flow up and down as you want. These always can move a common issue that you may have if you're pulling your pod and out and in and out in and, it's just not giving you the right connection. There's a good chance that one of these little prongs is gunked-up with juice and sometimes they just don't come back up and don't make a proper connection. In this time, you will feel you don’t use your Juul device normally. How to deal with this? You just need a little alcohol in there as a little alcohol on the bleeder valve where you're going to want to clean that up as well and this should stop any issues you're having as far as connectivity. 

Finally, you need to pop the rubber seal back and you're just gonna slide it back in place. Some of the older design JUUL vape pens have a different style valve and it'll be just a solid black piece. You just need to put back the rubber. After you put the rubber back, you need to install the internal gut back the Juul. some do it from the bottom but I'm going to suggest to do it from the bottom now. If you're going from the top, you might have a hard time because this rubber seal here sliding off from the prongs. Sometime, if this is stuck up, your pod won't make a connection or it'll force the pod out. So I do it from the bottom now keep in mind.

After you finish all these steps, you finish cleaning your Juul vaping device. Now let move to the Juul compatible pods issues.

How To Adjust And Connect Juul Compatible PodsIn Australia?


Now I do get questions all the time about the Juul pod questions in Australia. One is that my pod not fitting properly. sometimes you might feel that you get a pod that fits snug and then the next one may not fit as nice. you need to check whether the pod is loose or it's just not holding. If same the situation above, the easiest way to fix is just a little squeeze. Properly what you're gonna want to do is to cut out for the opening of the pod, which might be a little big and then squeeze the interface between the pod and the Juul device. 

Another issue I do get a lot is connectivity. If you've already cleaned the JUUL and the prongs, you're still not getting proper connectivity. It could be the pod itself. At this time, you need to check two prongs at the bottom of the pod. Whether they sit a little too flush or too flat? If they so do, you need to take a little knife and just apply a little upward pressure on the prongs. what that's gonna do is to stick the prong out just a little bit further and make that connection a little better. 

How To Deal With The Juul Compatible Pod Leakage?


how to deal with the Juul compatible pod leakage?

Most of the customer complains that their Juul pods leak. As a Juul dies, you may run into leakage because it doesn't have the power to power this anymore and it floods the coil itself. The easiest way to clear out the chamber of any juice. so if you're getting leakage or juice coming up in your mouth, you're gonna want to clear this rate out of juice the entire chimney that runs from the top to bottom and the easiest way to do is you put some paper towel behind it and you want to blow into it one nice hard blow and that's clear out any juice in there and should repressurize the Juul pod for you and that's about it when it comes down to the actual JUUL pod issues itself. If you want to know more, you can click here.

How To Refill Juul Pod?

In the three-part, we get the problem from Australia how to refill a Juul refillable pod. Before you refill your Juul pod, you need to make sure your pods are without leakage because if the pod leaks, it has a higher chance of leaking. 

The first step to refill your JUUL pod is to remove at least one tang by using a pocket knife. In this step, you need to be careful and apply a small bit of pressure to focus the tang. After you remove the tang, you can open the pod and then remove the rubber gasket on the top pod. In this time, the pod have been opened and you can refill the E-liquid. After the pod has been refilled, you need to wipe rubber gasket down with paper towel for better seal across the top pod. keep in mind the more times you fill the pod, you may experience more leakage because we are breaking the air pressure within the pot itself. so you need to be wary about the pod in case you do run into leakage with the pot itself once you have this removed once it should be easy to remove it after that now again as I explained in part 2 you want to clear this before you vape it so you need to put a piece of paper towel right behind it and you're gonna want to blow into it one really hard blow should clear it right out and that should be the end of, that and you can fill with your juice alright guys well I hope you enjoyed. If you want to know more pls click here. 

 how to refill Juul pod?

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