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50% of Juul Pod Australia Vapours Like This flavour!

By Vapepenzone Team April 03, 2020 0 comments

Currently, the United States has banned the sale of flavoured pods, so after the current stock of Juul pods is sold out, there will no longer be Juul flavoured pods on the market. Therefore we recommend our customers to use the Juul compatible pods

In this blog, we will cover:

  • ・The Flavoured Vape Pods Ban By the FDA

  • The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Juul Compatible Pods

  • What's The Most Popular Flavour of Juul Pods Australia?

  • Faq About Juul Pods


Last Day to Buy Flavored Vape Pods

Wednesday, Feb. 5th is the last day sellers can lawfully market prefilled husk and cartridge-based vaping items in flavours besides cigarette and menthol. Companies offering them afterwards date are subject to enforcement by the FDA.

The modification is not a new rule, but merely a change in FDA's enforcement concerns. All vaping products currently feed on the marketplace just because the agency has not prioritized their elimination. By May 11, all products need to send Premarket Tobacco Applications (PMTAs) or be eliminated from the (legal) market.

The brand-new support does not impact bottled e-liquid or vaping devices that are not marketed currently having e-juice. It also spares non-reusable vapour cigarettes like the Puff Bar and disposables sold by blu and smaller business like White Cloud.

Contrary to insurance claims by political leaders like Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin, anti-vaping teams like Truth Initiative, and also the New York Times, the "disposable loophole" does not exempt lately presented pod-shaped disposables like Puff Bars from enforcement. Any kind of vaping item that came to market after Aug. 8th, 2016, is currently subject to the instant requirement. That means that the FDA doesn't need to release particular advice to remove the preferred brand-new disposables.

FDA revealed the policy change on Jan. 2, complying with weeks of rumours. The Trump administration had initially introduced a ban on all flavoured products, which would have covered bottled e-liquid too, however, backed off after months of grassroots opposition from vapers as well as pushback from sector advocates.

The new FDA guidance was released in the Federal Register on Jan. 7, after which there was a 30-day delay before the modifications took effect. Stores that offer the outlawed items after 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday could obtain advising letters from the FDA.

The categories of vaping items the firm named as targets for enforcement are:

  1. Flavoured, hull- or cartridge-based products (other than a cigarette- or menthol-flavoured items).
  2. All other products for which the supplier has fallen short of taking sufficient procedures to prevent gain access to by minors.
  3. Any product targeted to minors, or who advertise and marketing is likely to promote the use of vaping products by children.

The FDA action is meant to eliminate the items most commonly used by adolescent vapers. However, it's doubtful any federal government limitations can avoid kids from locating things to vape. Market-leader Juul Labs willingly eliminated its popular mint coverings last November, and the company had currently removed its various other flavoured items in 2018.

Yet because some people that intend to give up a cigarette may be more likely to vape flavoured-pods. And pods flavoured in some cases even turn into one of their motivations to leave cigarettes, we advise that we can use our superb Juul compatible pods. It is necessary to note that we sell to adults that need a lifestyle change.


Using Juul Compatible Pods

If you Juul, then you might have heard about all the aftermarket Juul pods popping up recently. When the Juul was first launched, individuals were restricted to a small handful of tastes. 

What Are They?

They are tiny disposable vape cartridges that suit the Juul. They contain a coil, wick and also e-liquid consisting of either nicotine salt or CBD e-juice. At some time you were just able to vape the same couple of tastes, today there are a lot more alternatives.

One of the most prominent Juul compatible pods are for routine nicotine vaping. The Juul device was explicitly made for cigarette smokers, so the sheaths include high degrees of nic salt, a unique kind of nicotine that tends to be smoother on the throat. Juul suitable nicotine sheaths usually are less costly, include a bit much more e-liquid and offer more flavour choices and also often much more nicotine contrasted to the original Juul pods.

The Advantages And Disadvantages

The very best Juul compatible pods regularly supply more advantages than negative aspects. They are cheaper, come in a wider variety of tastes and nicotine strengths and hold 0.3 more mL e-liquid per capsule-- so you get 1.2 more mL per pack for less cash.

There are a few negative aspects. They aren't as widely readily available as the original husks, however, are beginning to come to be much more common in vape stores as well as a corner store. Given that different firms create them, efficiency could be inconsistent.



Less costly.

Broader flavour selection.

More nicotine alternatives.

Bigger liquid ability.


Need to find the best one among many brands.

Inconsistent efficiency.


What's The Most Popular Flavour In Australia?

We asked our customers and also read several testimonials on the web site-- several Juul customers have placed remarks their sensations about the feelings! If you're new to the Juul, for those that intend to refill the Juul refillable pods, have a look at the blog site to discover just how to refill the refillable Juul pods.

How To Refill JUUL Compatible Pods?

The # 1 Preferred Flavour

It's Mint! Without a doubt, the same as the USA, the most preferred Juul flavour, according to our customers, is Mint. With total feedbacks as well as remarks, Mint has virtually 50% of all the ballots!

Depending on what your favoured case is, these present results might surprise you or be precisely what you expected. I connected to a couple of Juul Australia regional stores owners-- a vape shop, a smoke shop, and also a gas station-- as well as inquired what flavour do they generally like in the vapours they come into contact with. It's just a snapshot, but it's somewhat in line with our poll.

" For sure it's Mint!" stated a staff member at The Vapor Shoppe in Dunolly.

" Most Popular is Cool Mint ... after that, I would certainly say it's Mango," said a manager at Vapes as well as Tobacco Town in Lambs Valley.

" Mint after that tobacco. The remainder is hit-or-miss," said a worker at Speedway in Mintabie.

50% of Juul Pod Australia Vapours Like This flavour!




What's In a Juul Pod?

A tiny steel chimney housed over a little coil twisted around a silica wick that soaks up flavoured nicotine liquid for vaporization.

What Are the Ingredients In It?

Propylene glycol, glycerin, benzoic acid, as well as nicotine.

How Much Nicotine Remains In It?

3% / 5%

How Much Nicotine Remains In Your Juul Compatible Pod?


Transform Percentages & MG/ML Of Juul Compatible Pods

For How Long Do They Lasts?

Depending upon the regularity of use, a Juul pod can last anywhere from a day to a week (or longer). Each shuck contains many hundred puffs worth of fluids that can not be completely depleted in a brief duration.

Can You Buy Empty Pods?

You can. Our store likewise gives top-notch empty refillable Juul pods, with ceramic coil and cotton coil for you to pick, please select yours according to your demands.

Can You Refill Them?

You can refill your Juul pod with your option of nicotine liquid, and We likewise offer e-liquids in numerous tastes, such as cigarettes, mint, cola, fruits, etc


That is all our blog. What flavour do you like? Let me know in the comment box down below. Juul Compatible Pods Flavor Review

If you would like to buy the Juul compatible pods or refillable Juul pods in Australia, feel free to place an order in VapepenzoneIf you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. As always, we will see you in the next blog.  


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