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JUULing in Australia will Become a Whole Lot Tougher...

By Vapepenzone Team August 19, 2020 0 comments

Australia's ban on nicotine importation lifted ... in the meantime where should vape go?


PUBLIC HEALTH is the large victor from Health Minister Greg Hunt's choice to delay the ban on importing nicotine. Nevertheless, the fight to legalise vaping is much from over.

The Minister announced on 19 June that it would be prohibited to import nicotine for vaping from 1 July with a remarkable charge of $220,000. A legal path for importation with a medical professional's prescription was suggested, but was complicated as well as time-consuming and also unworkable.


Surprised as well as angry vapers were faced with an extremely genuine danger of a complete vaping restriction and also most were frightened of going back to smoking or needing to acquire products from the black market.


The Health Minister had previously appointed scientific questions into vaping in 2019, at an expense of $750,000, due to prevalent assistance for vaping in the coalition party room. Surprisingly, the policies to prohibit nicotine imports were made before the report was offered

There was also rage regarding the underhand way the policies were introduced. The public was educated after parliament climbed for 6 weeks with just 2 week's notice before the regulations came to be regulation, in the middle of a pandemic.


The vaping area mobilises

The danger to successfully outlaw vaping galvanized the vape area.

A coalition was created by ATHRA, Legalise Vaping Australia, the Progressive Public Health Alliance and also ARVIA to challenge the ban in a worked with fashion. Within days, a project was underway.

  • Vapers contacted their MPs and also the Health Minister en masse to increase their concerns
  • A combating fund was developed to money a project, raising $35,000.
  • Coalition MPs Senator Matt Canavan and also George Christiansen MP established an application which collected over 72,000 signatures in favour of vaping in a number of days.
  • A social media campaign swung into action with the hashtag #vapingsavedme.
  • Vape stores called their clients to oppose the guidelines.
  • A video clip project of vapers informing their stories on social media.
  • Supporters flooded the media on radio, television as well as on the internet outlets.
  • Point of view pieces was published as here.

Outspoken media supporters like Ben Fordham, Mark Levy, as well as Neil Mitchell, supported the campaign. Previous Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce demanded that people be left to vape if they want. A toxicologist from the University of Wollongong advised that the ban on nicotine threatened and would boost nicotine poisoning.


Former Deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce support vaping


Vaping challengers additionally hit the media to sustain the ban eg here.


Before long, there was a reaction from union MPs. A letter by 28 MPs condemning the restrictions was sent out to the Prime Minister warning that "difficult regulatory requirements" will efficiently ban individuals from acquiring vaping fluids and create them to revert to smoking.


They argued the quick introduction of the import restriction is "as well rushed" and "entirely unwise".


Australia's 520,000 vapers are grateful to all the signatures:

Matt Canavan, George Christensen, Tim Wilson, Dave Sharma, James Paterson, Dr Anne Webster, Eric Abetz, Jason Falinski, Trent Zimmerman, James Paterson, Hollie Hughes, Alex Antic, Claire Chandler, Pat Conaghan, Perin Davey, Dr Andrew Laming, Susan McDonald, James McGrath, Sam McMahon, Amanda Stoker, Bridget McKenzie, Llew O'Brien, Ken O'Dowd, Gerard Rennick, Paul Scarr, Phillip Thomson and Damian Drum...


Vapers breathed a collective sigh of alleviation on 26 June when the Minister revealed the regulations would be postponed.


In the meanwhile, it remains an offence to possess nicotine in Australia without a prescription. A checklist of physicians that are offered to examine your viability for vaping and can give a prescription if it is appropriate is offered below.


The Fight Is Far From Over

Preacher Hunt intends to present a structured variation of the policies on 1 January 2021. Importation of nicotine e-liquid would certainly still call for a prescription, however, details are not offered.

Vapers desire nicotine fluid to be legislated as well as regulated so it is conveniently available as a stopping aid for smokers yet with accessibility to youth minimized. Vaping nicotine, a far more secure choice to smoking, must not be more difficult to gain access to than cigarettes.

Vapers can not relax. Over the following 6 months, vaping supporters will certainly need to build a situation to stop the recommended laws completely. Thousands of countless Australian lives depend on it.

Enjoy this great video by on recent occasions, featuring Dr Joe Kosterich as well as Fiona Patten MLC.



Regarding this news, the following are some comments from netizens:

The federal government is only going to use the 6 months reprieve to prop up more regulation to press with this completely unjustified, undemocratic money grab. Greg Hunt has actually done no study and neglected the reasoning of abroad bodies to attempt as well as insidiously push with this regulation so the federal government can tax cigarette smokers to death. —— Mehmood


If vapours require a doctors prescription so need to cigarette smokers have to go to a physician to obtain a prescription as it also gives the medical professionals an interventional chance consisting of checking their carbon monoxide levels where CO displays need to be mandated for certification as well as for quality assurance as a whole practice. —— John


This is not a win, this is a temporary respite. Currently, it's time to combat!

I can tell you, that I am surprised at how defenceless I really felt when I initially read regarding this astoundingly nearsighted decision. Not it is time for us as a cumulative to begin the battle, to rally with each other and also lobby our detractors, not with knee-jerk reactionary, inflammatory as well as individual comments, but with the difficult realities, as well as our truths as Vapers.

As somebody who has actually been vaping for practically 14 years, I think I have some knowledge and experience in the field. I have, as well as continue to do so, researched all facets of it. I consider myself to be educated.

This is the time to "enlighten" our detractors, to supply them with enough details to help them make some strong goal decisions. A 6 month home window is not long, so it is very important now ahead with each other, obtain arranged and also entrance hall. I have not reviewed every article, but from my recognizing the essential support has actually come from the coalition, that is not nearly enough, we require more assistance from both sides of the aisle.

There are 300,000 people out there that have made the choice to vape, jointly, as one voice we can assert some power. —— Michael


The govt will exhaust the hell out of it to the point cigarette smoking cigs will certainly be cheaper ... or shut to it.

My strategy is to stockpile currently and also slowly reduce nicotine content to an unpredictable degree. I hear that is 2mg or 0.2%. With any luck eventually, I'll fail to remember to charge my batteries and not care. —— Tim


I have actually reviewed the input given so far.

My viewpoint is taking a lesson from History with Politicians.

They like to leave their" mark" no matter adverse or positive.

Such as presenting GST.

As well as currently with COVID Jobkeeper as well as Jobseeker, contributing to placing Australia right into a Recession.

Hmmm, just how can the Government recoup the millions spent without several realizing.

Hi, vaping, which has been proven to not include the poisonous substances of cigarettes.

That is unnecessary, as maybe their goal is to introduce a Tax on Vaping as it is 90% cheaper than ill-used cigarettes.

And likewise unnecessary that effort people on reduced as well as centre revenue that Vape for wellness as well as economic reasons, ultimately have a little breathing room.

And what is the single contributor of all these positives? Vaping.

I personally have seen an individual who was absolutely addicted to cigarettes, had a smokers cough, yellow nicotine fingers, change to Vaping and also lose his smokers cough and confidently say they would never go back to cigarettes.

Will currently every person's freedom of choice to take from them, and also they will certainly resort back to cigarettes which are exhausted to high heaven.

Hey, a person has to pay for COVID choices, so why not make it the hardworking little person.

But what they are not conscious is that these individuals are using to striving wherefore they want.

As well as they want the continued Right To Vape! —— Ann


I'm devastated this has happened I'm 61 years old I've been smoking for over 40 years. I've tried all methods and also help to stop without success. 5 years ago I discovered vaping. I really feel far better my friends and household does not find it offending whatsoever. I don't want to return to cigarettes im scared depressed and also mad that I will be required to do this. Finally, I located something that benefits me as well as you take it away. I'm not a criminal don't make me one. —— Yvonne


I smoked 60 cigarettes a day for 40 years. I tried numerous methods to surrender however never ever did well. Three years ago I was presented to vaping. From the first vape I brand-new, I would certainly not ever smoke one more cigarette. If I had continued to smoke I think I would be on oxygen by now. The federal government will certainly be doing even more injury than good if they go on next year and also restriction juice with nicotine. It doesn't contain any chemicals or poison like cigarettes. Jobs will be shed due to vaping shops shutting down, people will go back to cigarettes and also I think more crime will accompany store break-ins to steal cigarettes due to the fact that individuals will not be able to afford them. I will be stocking up simply in case this silly regulation is past following year. —— Jan


Australian fuckwittery at it's ideal ...

The Aussie vaping policies have actually constantly been extreme, and now they want to virtually prohibit them.

Vaping saves lives! —— Toby


Didn't Phillip Morris try as well as sue our government for the loss of earnings due to a trade agreement signed with one of the countries they have a base in?

Is it feasible for vape companies to do the exact same from countries with comparable trade agreements? —— Steve M.


Normal Government grab for cash. They are not fretted about our wellness. They understand the 300000 capers will possibly go back to smoking and also pay the huge tax obligations connected with that.

I attempted every little thing to quit smoking and vaping has actually been my only success. This is the Australian Government attempting to follow what America tried to do. We need to combat this now. —— Greg T.


Magnum opus people!

It's ludicrous that you can acquire cigarettes yet not e-cigarettes which are a lot less dangerous.

If ever before a decision by federal government stank of efficiency, e.g securing their tax profits from tobacco, this is a prime example. It was substantial that the ban on nicotine imports accompanied a suppression of cigarettes being imported without duty. The government is clearly under financial pressure from its economic stimulation plans so they intend to connect a few of the deficiency by getting added income from cigarette smokers.

The government needs to come clean that they need the money and impose a tax obligation on e-nicotine imports. Simple. —— Barry O.




I was a 25 a day male for 50 years, yet quit smoking cigarettes in favour of vaping 2 years back. From talking with colleagues from around the world, it appears that Australia is one of the couples of nations that is anti-vaping. I am likewise completely cynical to think that the federal government, particularly in light of present financial scenarios, is adequately fierce to desire to recoup the taxes lost by cigarette smokers transforming to vaping. —— Steve S.


They are filthy burglars. The only reason they are doing this is to regain lost tax obligation bucks from cigarettes and they are tossing us under the bus to do it. I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PISSED AT OUR GOVT !!! —— Tim


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