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Puff Bar Not Hitting? How To Fix It?

By Vapepenzone Team May 05, 2020 0 comments

You've never had a simpler time using a digital cigarette in your life. Buying a Puff Bar in Australia, all you needed to do was remove the product packaging and also take a puff! But all of a sudden you realize you can't obtain a hit from your device. The light may radiance blue but it does not evaporate anything. What's going on? How do you repair a Puff Bar that won't hit?

In this blog, we will cover:

  • What's puff bar?
  • Why puff bar will not hit?
  • What do I do if my puff bar wont hit?
  • ・Where is puff bar sold near me?

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how to fix puff bar not hitting in Vapepenzone

What's A Puff Bar?

Like the popular disposable vape pen, Puff Bar has more young-appealing flavour and compact size, which is easier for vapers to try in their daily vaping life. 

Puff bar is it safe

We can say that the puff bar is safe if compared with smoking. This disposable vape product puts the health of vapers in the first. Therefore it takes the health and safety material to make. What’s more, this disposable vape pen continues to refresh the vaping experience of vapers based on adhering to a healthy formula.

Meanwhile, if you want to switch from smoking to vaping or quit smoking, it is better to choose Puff Bar as your first vaping products. Most of the vapers agree that this small vape pen is the best cigarette alternative.  

Therefore, although inhaling addictive substance largely not good for the body, people still can choose to reduce this harm to the lowest level. This is why the Puff Bar come out. It brings a new and safe vaping way for vapers. 

What's A Puff Bar

What Puff Bar flavours are there?

This may be the hottest questions for vapers. In some extent, Puff Bar’s flavour largely continues to use the popular flavour in the market. However, it has its unique points.

After the first drawing, You will be addictive in juicy fruit. From sweetness to sourness, your taste buds will be enough to make you taste the best condiments inspired by desserts. After finish vaping, vapers will still feel the unique fragrance of the fruit.

Its flavour gives vapers chance to embark on a pleasant journey, combining tropical fruits with the cold, icy spirit.

To know the most comprehensive flavours profile, you can choose the best flavour for you.

Which Puff Bar is best?

As we all know, there are much similar Puff bar vaping device or disposable vape pen in the market. How to know which one is best or which Puff Bar is best? 

It is up to the vaping habits and vapers’ requirement. Different products have their own features. Therefore, vapers just need to choose the suitable one for themselves. Now we also make the comparison between Puff Bar VS STIG and Puff Bar VS Juul

Many vapers said these products are similar. We will list their cons and prons vapers. These passages will give you further understanding and choose the best vaping products. 

Why Puff Bar Will Not Hit?

There are many reasons that will cause the disposable vaping pen won’t hit. Here we will list the main reasons.


As we mentioned above, there are many similar Puff Bar in the market. Some of these products are fake. Most of the fake problems have serious quality problems. This is the main reason for the Puff Bar not hitting. 

What’s worse, the fake products not only give you an unhappy vaping experience but also waste your money. Therefore, let’s go to check the authenticity of your disposable vape pen


Do you feel your Puff Bar taste brunt? Do you use your disposable vaping device for a long time at a time? Have you placed your vape pen casually? Have you opened your device without based on professional guidance? 

Sometime, your vaping tool will tell you they have a problem before they stop to work. For example, whether you will think about why the Puff Bar brunt-tasting? How to fix when it taste brunt? 

What’s more, vapers think that their small pens don’t need to carefully use. It is the wrong concept during vaping.


Puff bar take some measures to prevent leaking the E-juice. However, it still leaks, for the following reasons:

  • ・Strong air pressure changes. When the air pressure happen strong changes suddenly, the accessory, called MIC, in Puff Bar will work in advance. And then when air pressure returns to a normal level, there is a pressure difference inside the object, which forces the liquid to come out
  • ・Strong collision. When the Puff Bar is hit strongly, its e-liquid may leak and then the e-liquid will immerse the battery to cause the damage of the battery.
  • ・When the device is stored at high temperature for a long time, the Puff Bar may expand and eventually leak.



Weather and long-term storage will affect the normal operation of the battery. Your disposable vape pen should be charged and ready to use. However, even an unused battery cannot maintain its charge forever. Storing the battery in a cold environment will deplete the battery faster.

Old or expired batteries will eventually lose charge, but this takes a lot of time. For example, a lithium-ion vape battery may take months to lose charge.



This seems ridiculous. Due to closed design, the vapers can’t see the quantity of E-juice. For the heavy vapers, the Puff bar may last for 1-2 days. However, many vapers believe that their disposable tool can use for one week. 

There are not accuracy figures to show how long the Puff Bar last. The vaping habit is the main factor to decide the lasting of the vape pen. Of course, there are some tips to let your disposable pen last longer.  

What Do I Do If My Puff Bar Won't Hit?

What Do I Do If My Puff Bar Won't Hit?

Here, we list several ways for your reference. 


If you're having difficulty with your Puff Bar not hitting, examine the cotton under the black mouthpiece. Despite our top quality control criteria often things still slip under the radar. Try this quick fix when you're wondering just how do you deal with a Puff Bar that won't fit.

Tear the black cover from the mouthpiece utilizing tweezers and look beneath. You should see a tiny item of cotton with a round tube via the centre of it. In some cases, the cotton is somewhat stuffed up which avoids air from moving correctly when you're trying to take a puff from your gadget.

Using the tweezers, shift the cotton around to change it and allow it room to take a breath. Put the black mouthpiece back in the area and attempt to take a hit from your Puff Bar.


Due to the change of four seasons, the temperature will largely affect the vaping pen. Meanwhile, some vapers continually use their Puff Bar, which causes battery overload using. In this time, pls put down your Puff bar for a minute and then you do other things else, then come back to check on it. Take a puff as well as see if it begins hitting. Give some time for your Puff Bar just for better vaping operation.


The good temperature to store your disposable pen disposable pens is between 10˚-25˚C (50˚-77˚F). Good temperature not only avoid the leakage of E-juice but also keep the good taste of the flavour. 



Keep your Puff Bar in the dry environment. It is very important for protecting it. Because many vapers are easy to leave their disposable pen in the bathroom or outside. If water vapour enters the inside, it will affect the battery.


We don’t suggest the vapers to repair the not working Puff Bar without professional guidance. It is easier to damage the disposable pen. Therefore, the better ways to deal with your not hitting Puff Bar is calling your after-sales team.

When you send E-mail to us, pls, clearly describe your problems, including order No., the quantity and flavour of problemed Puff Bar and the picture of the problemed Puff Bar. It can help you to solve your problems as soon as possible.


Puff bar manufacturer with good quality assurance processes reduces the risk of not working. It is harder for this disposable vape pen to loosen, or for vapers to unscrew the caps by hand. It also reduces the possibility of the leakage of E-juice. VaporCave™ Puff Bar uses gland technology to ensure proper pressure and sealing to reduce the risk of not hitting.

Where Is Puff Bar Sold Near Me?

If the vapers in Australia, the best ways for them to buy vaping products are on the internet. However, vapers need to know who sells the Puff Bar near them. This means that vapers need to choose the reliable vaping supplier to ensure the quality of products and then vapers need to select the products that can be delivered to them as soon as possible. 

In this case, Vapepenzone can sell Puff Bar Plus near most of the vapers. First, we are reliable. For our customers to have a unique vaping enjoyment, we offer such services: 

1) Free shipping for orders over AUD 100

2) 30-days money back

3) Local after-sales service

1) Sale team on stand-by 24 hours. If you have any problems, contact us at any time.

Therefore, if your Puff Bar is not working, you just need to send us an e-mail. We will provide professional ways to solve your problems.

Meanwhile, we are finding ways to send our excellent vaping products around the world.

Therefore, No matter where you come from, you can also to choose your favourite Puff Bar. 

Thanks for your patient reading and comments! Here is the $5 off coupon special for you to try Puff Bar best flavours, please take your time in Vapepenzone. We will dispatch your orders in 24hrs! Click HERE to get the code NOW.

As always, if you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. See you next time.  

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