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RELX Infinity Launch 2020: An Interview With Founder

By Vapepenzone Team September 11, 2020 0 comments

After the Infinity, RELX Essential is on its way.


RELX Technology launched its brand-new Infinity and also Essential vaping devices in mid-2020. We took a seat with RELX's CEO Kate Wang to review her vision for these products and also the path forward for RELX for the rest of 2020.



Q: How did the name Infinity come about?

A: The Infinity has a cordless battery charger which offers added time as well as self-confidence in mobility to utilize the tool. This extends the beneficial time in which a customer can have the product around in their everyday life. We have actually discovered that around 50% of vapers feel worried and nervous concerning the battery in their vaping gadget not lasting long enough. That's why we developed a cordless billing instance to reduce their stress and anxiety. The Infinity will certainly now be readily available in worldwide markets as well as we're so pleased with this accomplishment. RELX is always boosting the consumer experience, even if we need to make substantial investments in R&D.


Q: Do you have any type of vital countries or geographies in mind for the sales of Infinity?

A: First, we are concentrated on nations where closed-system tools are prevalent - so markets that already have the need for far better closed-system products. Southeast Asia as well as Canada where the closed-system development rate is excellent. We are also taking a look at markets with high vaping penetration, where individuals are in between welcoming the open-system and also are currently interested in the closed-system.


Q: Can you define the individual profile and also target demographic for RELX's items?

A: Our target demographics are grown-up smokers that are searching for a far better option that has top quality design as well as technology. We think we provide a far better course onward for them in terms of our capability to introduce as well as press the imagination of what is feasible in the industry. RELX is an international business, so we surpass nationality, and also social status when we think of our consumers.


Q: RELX is a brand-new start-up company and also continues to grow extremely quickly. What is the reason for this development; is it due to the fact that the company has faster new item development cycles?

A: RELX is a consumer-centric firm, and also we construct every little thing around user experience. We work around the clock to recognize consumers' unsatisfied requirements and afterwards upgrade our products as necessary. We have recruited a variety of around the world talented professionals, scientists, designers as well as developers, that all have outstanding experience in their previous job. We have additionally invested in our very own R&D research laboratory which focuses on item advancement and flavoring. Those are the aspects that enable us to make fast actions and update our products according to consumer demand.


Q: What do you visualize as the following item technology after Infinity launch? Exactly how does 2021 look like?

A: In 2021, we will certainly have an also smarter device for our consumers. We constantly wish to maintain enhancing our items as well as boosting customer experience. The next item will certainly be a huge leap between product generations, however, we will likewise service making small alterations. That is why we are likewise launching the extra budget plan pleasant Essential gadget in numerous markets.

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Q: Do you appreciate working with the R&D team?

We have actually talented, hardworking people in RELX's R&D group. All of our item layout professionals are from previous non-vaping industries such as mobile phone, medicine, chemical, as well as pharmaceutical sectors. They believe like customers and item supervisors at the same time.


Q: Do you have any kind of recommendations for distributors and sellers to better understand the Infinity and how they should market this item?

I wish Infinity can become their finest selling item. I likewise desire to add that it is very important for RELX stores to follow neighbourhood regulations and laws concerning vaping items.


Q: What is the first point to do when you pertain to function?

A: My workday begins with a 15-minute management conference, where we rapidly catch up on crucial problems and strategies. It is a truly efficient method to comprehend everything that is mosting likely to happen and also what needs to be done next.


Q: How is RELX managing the supply-chain disturbance caused by COVID-19?

The RELX manufacturing facility was put on hold according to the country's call for self-quarantining. The awful duration was late January 2020 to March 2020 for China. During that time, RELX was concentrated on 2 points.


We sent out hand sanitizer to our worldwide companions. Our group at RELX cares greatly concerning our company companions as well as we tried to see what we might do.


Q: Since RELX was founded, the firm has actually been very comfy with its groups functioning from another location from the house. Is this now a benefit?

A: The factor we have different global remote offices is due to the fact that some useful essential partners were currently situated in those areas and remote working was much easier for them. Valuing our outside worldwide operating setting is why we have offices spread out around the world. The very same respect is revealed for our customers, they may come from various histories and also have different needs.


Q: RELX continues to draw in extremely gifted workers, how does it do this?

A: Talented people will constantly be a key factor for our success, however, the factor we are able to attract them is due to the fact that RELX has a shared culture that is very mission-driven. RELX is not simply sales-driven, but genuinely mission-driven.


The above is the entire content of the interview. Judging from the current interview content, Essential should more cost-effective than Infinity. I know that recently everyone is very interested in in and en, and do not know how to choose. We will post a comprehensive article comparing this two device and pod later to help you choose. 

Anyway, thanks for your reading and here is the $5 RELX coupon for you. Click HERE to get the code.

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