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Relx Pods Flavor Reviews 2

By Vapepenzone Team January 04, 2020 0 comments

Last month we shared a blog about the taste sharing of Relx pods. If you have difficulty choosing the taste of Relx Pods, please click on the link to review it: Let’s Share Your Flavor Reviews of Relx Pods!

The blog contains Mint, Blueberry, Fruit, Grapefruit and Icy purple sweet potato flavor impressions.


Thanks for your comments and feedback. This time we shared some other flavor reviews, like Mango, Ludou Ice, Lemon Tea, and Classic Tobacco.


Taste is a very subjective feeling, some you may love, other ones may not so much. The mint and the blueberry flavor are my most favorite. If you're a menthol person, I think you would like this, there's like a really nice mint flavor like fresh mint, stay in your throat minty and a few of the other ones are like that too. The blueberry also one of my favorites, a really light plump blueberry flavor that makes any sense very very pleasant on the blueberry.



This is a really delicious mango, and just with the way it performs, and that really beautiful smooth restricted hit with the ample amounts of flavor, it's just really enjoyable. I've tried the mango and so nice! Really great. Better vapor production than a Juul or some of those other smaller pod systems. 



You won't find like these are some really unique flavors, right? This is ludou ice and this is one of those crazy. I was vaping this earlier, I still have it my throat, you know. It's like mint and grass, is what it tastes like freshly mowed grass, and in mint. My friend very likes it but I don't like this one so much because it gets stuck in my throat. 



This is one of those I did not think I was gonna like, but then really really enjoyed it. I don't know if I can even explain this, it definitely is like tea, like iced tea, with a little bit of lemon. But there's also this like along with the tea, it's like an earthy tone. It's so hard to describe, but it's so good.



Wow, this is probably one of the most unique. This is the first time I've tried this and if you're a smoker and you're looking for something to quit with, this tobacco might be something to look at because it is very like cigarette tasting. I strangely enjoy that, that's very much, like a Marlboro. 


Overall for somebody who wants to quit smoking or somebody who just doesn't want to fill their own pods and all that Relx definitely a great option. The evaluation of Relx pods tastes is for reference only, I hope you can find your favorite taste! In addition, we still welcome your comments or contact us to evaluate other flavors, and we will continue to update this series.

Relx Pods Taste Review Series Part 1: Let’s Share Your Flavor Reviews of Relx Pods!

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