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Where Did My Relx Go? - From Grace, a Relx AU User

By Vapepenzone Team April 23, 2020 0 comments

Today let's take a look at some interesting thing from Grace, a Relx AU user. She was happy to change her way of life, but it seems that she has one more mantra now: Where Did My Relx Vape Go?


If you are a forgetful vapour, then you must have lost something important.

What are you most afraid of losing?

Where Did My Relx Go?

I beg there is nothing more than losing Relx vape!

Usual people: Where did my lighter go? My key? My AirPods?

Relxer: Where did my Relx go? My Relx pod is gone again?

Where Did My Relx Go?

For Grace - a forgetful vapour:

My Relx disappeared after taking a taxi.

Where Did My Relx Go?

My Relx disappeared after fitness.

Where Did My Relx Go?

My Relx disappeared after clubbing.

Where Did My Relx Go?

She spends 80% of their time enjoying Relx, and the remaining 20% of her memories ...

Where did I put it just now?

Where Did My Relx Go?



Give up her favourite lipstick and convince herself to buy a new set.

“I swear I will never lose it again!”

Where Did My Relx Go?


The new Relx vape finally arrived,

But the old one suddenly appeared again.

Where Did My Relx Go?

Grace is actually not the first person to lose his/her Relx.

The tormented Relx AU vapours have come up with a lot of whimsy. They told us that it is better to launch some new features! such as...

One-click smart calling function

Glowing Relx vape

Where Did My Relx Go?

Relx products that can be attached to the refrigerator (Like Refrigerator magnet)

Install automatic location tracking on your phone

Where Did My Relx Go?



The Relx vape has become an essential partner when they go out.

Where Did My Relx Go?

In this case, we think maybe the Relx Case can help you.

The Leather Relx Case with a long lanyard can be worn on the wrist, neck, or tied to the backpack.


In one word, cherish and enjoy your Relx time!

Where Did My Relx Go?



That's all about the blog today. As a Relx AU customers, do you also experience losing Relx? Welcome to mail us your interesting stories with your vape! As always, if you are new here or like this blog, please be sure to hit subscribe to stay up to date with our latest blogs. We will see you in the next blog.  


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